Fortnite’s Season 6 Roaring On to The Scene

Fortnite’s latest season “Primal” released March 16th across all platforms.

Epic Games has done it again. Fortnite’s shiny new season has arrived and let me tell you, IT’S A BIG ONE. Season 6’s Primal title has left fans wondering what’s in store for the future of Fortnite. It’s no secret the last two seasons have left fans disappointed due to lack of fan service or updates. With Season 6 arriving, this chapter is a breath of fresh air. From a whole new map to new guns, Battle Passes and more await loyal fans and casuals alike. Epic always goes big with their events, especially when they make them interactive, and this one was no different. It starts off with Jonesy trying to stop the Zero Point by calling down the Foundation, (a character/skin from chapter one almost two years ago). They fail, but instead create a rip through spacetime that alters some of the map and brings in new characters such as Tomb Raiders Lara Croft and Teen Titans Raven. 

Map and Weapons

The map has evolved as it usually does every season, but this time It works hand in hand with the weapons of the game. As we know from previous seasons if you had enough gold you were able to upgrade weapons almost anywhere. Since gold was so easy to come by, everyone was able to get the best weapons before the end of the first storm closing. With this new Primal chapter a lot has changed. Bringing in what they call, Primal Weapons, such as the Primal Rifle, Bow, SMG, and shotgun. That isn’t all, because Fortnite didn’t remove their upgrade mechanics completely, they evolved it for the better. There are wolves, chickens, and frogs you can kill to get meat or other items to upgrade certain weapons that are called “Makeshift weapons. For example you can make a regular AR and upgrade it to a Primal Rifle OR the classic Scar, and so on and so forth with the other makeshift weapons. But one of the big reveal items that we have been waiting for a while is the return of the Pump Shotgun. You can craft your entire arsenal to be made of newer weapons or take it back to the past with some of Fortnite’s classics such as the Scar and Pump Shotgun. In previous seasons, there was a meta that people didn’t like and Fortnite didn’t fix. It had to do with their charge shotgun that has now been vaulted. After a week of playing the release of Season 6, I’ve yet to see an obvious meta, but as we all know with Fortnite that fact can change with the drop of a hat.

Competitive Gaming

The impact of this season’s changes ripple throughout both the casual and competitive scenes alike. Maximum ammo capacity has been halved from its familiar one thousand rounds to 500 leaving veterans scrambling to adjust to new limitations and extended gun fights. Scarcity of ammo now rewards the more tactical and patient of players and now everyone is on a more level playing field. Fortnite’s top streamers and professional players (NicMercs, SypherPK, Replays, and more) who have been tirelessly experimenting with the new season have been vocal about their excitement of the state of competitive play moving forward. Fortnite is winning back favor from all sides and it shows no signs of slowing down.


I am extremely hopeful that this season stays on this course and doesn’t change for the worse. Sometimes they will reel everyone in at the start of a season then in two to three weeks a big update and guns are vaulted etc. I hope just simple bugs and patches are made and nothing more. It’s honestly astonishing that Fortnite has been active for almost four years this July. It has its ups and downs, but still manages to pull in viewers and players all around. So if you are a fan of the game, you will love this new season and if you were a fan of the classic parts of Fortnite, I feel you’ll enjoy it too. Only one thing left to do… Where we landing?


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