Amazon Prime’s Invincible! : Does It Live Up to It’s Name?

From creator Robert Kirkman, Amazon brings us its newest animated series, Invincible! This new adaptation of the trailblazing  comic book series is nothing short of action packed. It begins with two villains attacking the White House in an attempt to assassinate the president. They are stopped by a team known as “The Guardians of the Globe”. The team does seem suspiciously similar to DC Comics’ Justice League. However, I enjoyed the parallel. The series has no fear when it comes to matters of action and gore. If you think this is another superhero show for your kids, you may want to check those parental settings. Each fight scene goes bigger and more intense than the last, never allowing a chance to catch your breath. Amazon premiered the show with three episodes available which is a fantastic decision considering that it is so fast paced.

Knowing that the series is based on a comic book, you would assume it closely adapts its source material, but it seems the show takes a darker route. While still maintaining its comedic and action packed roots, parts of the comic do not appear in the show in the same chronological order although I feel that under this format the show is capable of fleshing out the characters a lot more. Especially it’s main character, Mark Grayson aka INVINCIBLE. If you’re a fan of 2010’s Kick-Ass, this show will feel somewhat nostalgic. Mark is a 17 year old high school student who, like all of us, is waiting for his superpowers to kick into gear so that he can become the world’s best Superhero! Or to at least live up to his fathers legacy. The only thing standing in his way are the nefarious… teenager problems. Not to mention Omni-man himself, Earth’s most powerful superhero, father to Mark and husband to Debbie Grayson. Omni-Man arrived at Earth 20 years prior to the start of the series. Unlike its comic counterpart, Omni-Man is shown early on to be an extremely intimidating figure. He’s basically this world’s Superman but not as nice. After you witness him in a battle that is extremely gory and a bit uncharacteristic of him, he goes on to become the most feared character in the series. The father/son dynamic between Omni-Man and Mark is interesting, because together they seem like a nice wholesome Super-Family, But while apart they seem like complete opposites. Omni-Man seems to have a secret agenda that isn’t revealed to us just yet and Mark is still trying to juggle being an amateur superhero while being a teen. 

Whiplash’s J K Simmons (l) and The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun (r) headline a star studded cast.

One huge plus that puts this show on another level are the impressive technical aspects. Everything ranging from voice actors to the  animation, and even the score. The voice acting in this show is incredible to say the least. Mark is voiced by The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun, Omni-Man is voiced by the Academy Award winning JK Simmons while many other talents such as the great Mark Hamill lend their voices. Each actor brings great personality and a little bit of themselves into these characters,  which makes for great animation. Personally, I haven’t come across a character I don’t like. Everyone is unique, funny, and awesome in their own way. Steven Yeun, although new to the voice acting scene, is able to showcase Mark’s nervousness and determination in being the best hero he can be. JK Simmons has this warm, fatherly demeanor while he’s with his family but as soon as he becomes Omni-Man you can feel the nefariousness and intimidation creep in. The casting department for this show could not have been more spot on in nailing the tone of these characters. The animators are surely a team that deserves recognition for helping to bring these characters to life. The Animation in Invincible is incredibly clean. For comparison, it reminds me a bit of a wild and exaggerated Young Justice, which fits the tone of this universe perfectly. This style flourishes the most during the fight scenes. When characters are flying through the air, running super speed, or using any super power you may have witnessed in similar shows there’s still a noticeable difference. This isn’t a copy and paste job. From the colors that pop to the amazing illustrations it is all refreshingly new. Wind Sun Sky Entertainment really went above and beyond with their amazing work bringing this animation to life. And last but not least, one of my personally favorite parts of any show or film, the score/music. John Paesano is the composer of the show, known for his work on Marvels Daredevil and The Defenders. He made it feel like a superhero show. From Mark first learning to fly, to Omni-Man destroying an entire race of aliens. It was honestly captivating. Brings you back to the hallway scene in Daredevil. 

I’d rate Invincible a solid 8/10. It’s action packed, it’s comical, it’s sometimes campy, it’s gory, all with a great story behind it and an even bigger team keeping its engine rolling. Robert Kirkman did an amazing job with the Walking Dead, and with the show being on Amazon Prime you can tell he has more free range to flesh out his vision, extensively. So if you want to see a slew of new heroes “Kick-Ass”, and love intense superhero blowing through buildings action with an awesome story, then join me every Friday to watch Amazon Prime’s new original series, INVINCIBLE!

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10 thoughts on “Amazon Prime’s Invincible! : Does It Live Up to It’s Name?

  1. I’m loving the show so far, the amalgam of characters is really interesting, my favs so far are Damien Darkblood and Monster Girl, these two haven’t had much screen time yet, but the way their powers work and the implication on their lives and backstory have me wanting more lol

    Great review!

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  2. This article gives a great feel of the show and why you should give it a try! The show is definitely entertaining and worth a watch. Im a big fan of JK Simmons as Omni-man. He just (to me) amazing with his character. Yes you will find similarities but dont let social media fool you this show is not a bootleg justice league.


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