Attack on Titan: The End is Near

The mid-season finale for Attack on Titan: The Final Season has finally premiered, leaving anime fans hugging their knees as they wait for the recently announced part two premiere which is aimed to be released sometime in the upcoming winter. Manga fans won’t have to wait as long as the final issue (issue #139) of the series is scheduled to be released April 9, 2021. 

Don’t worry. This article will, by no means, contain any spoilers. Here’s what I will reveal: Season four focuses on our heroes ultimately divided as they prepare to take on their newly discovered enemies, the Marleyans. 

It’s important to note that this season we saw a drastic change in animation as the production company, Wit studios switched over production rights over to MAPPA. Attack on Titan is notable for its breathtaking action sequence and bold colors, so it was no surprise that some fans were a little skeptical of the change. MAPPA rose to the challenge, offering loyal page to anime sequences that will leave manga loyalists more than pleased, and superb attention to detail (especially around the eyes). Darker shading is used to set the tone for a rather bleak and bloody finale. 

Part one of this final season follows manga issues #91-116, whereas the second part will cover the remaining twenty-three issues. Since the anime has consistently remained loyal to the manga there is no reason for avid readers to expect any drastic changes to the story this upcoming season. If you simply can’t wait for this winter to come, I highly recommend picking up Hajime Isayama’s manga as soon as possible to find out who will remain standing at the end. 

This season has heavily divided fans, especially those loyal to main character Eren Jaeger, defending his merciless and bloodthirsty actions and those who sympathize with enemies such as Reiner Braun and other Marleyan warriors. 

With an ending close in sight most of us were relieved that creator Isayama announced that he strayed from his original plans to end the series in a nihilistic manner in which no one survives. He claims he found an ending more in tune with his creation, which will remain respectable to fans and in heart with the characters he created. 

With one issue left, Attack on Titans fans are left holding their breath for Isayama to finally reveal what becomes of the characters they love so much. For those of you who have been watching (or reading) Isayama has a reputation in par with Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin and has gained a reputable reputation of killing fan favorites, often breaking hearts and stirring emotions. This season was no different as we rediscover loss and grief as an impending war brews over the horizon. 

Our next Attack on Titan article will cover Isayama’s final issue and will contain spoilers! You’ve been warned!

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3 thoughts on “Attack on Titan: The End is Near

  1. I LOVE AOT SMM!!! im just on the 15th EP of it 😭😭😭 this anime Soo good nd played with many of my emotions!!!!
    i really don’t want this anime to end


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