Rick and Morty Season 5 : Same Old Wubba Lubba

“Well, at least we get another season” Was my immediate response as I concluded the premier trailer for Adult Swim’s Season 5 of Rick and Morty.  It pains me to inform readers, but the Rick and Morty hype train long ejected from my soul when we were given a ten episode season spread across nine months packaged as a “Season 4”. The gang’s all back together again as Rick, Morty, Summer, Beth and loveable oaf Jerry are jettisoned from the simple and mundane to the wacky and twisted adventures that highlight each episode. What can we expect as either a returning , casual or newcomer to the critically acclaimed animated series?

The Hardcore

We all know the rinse and repeat formula by now:

Step 1- Rick becomes the lynchpin for the episodes ensuing madness 

Step 2 – Morty reluctantly agrees to help solve issues that ultimately become his own

Step 3 – Summer tags along and initiates teenage sass and shenanigans

Step 4 – Beth rises up and becomes the highlight of multiple scenes

Step 5 – Jerry steals the show and we love him every step of the way

Complete with unimaginable blends of media and pop culture creating 4th wall breaks that the dedicated fan can always look forward to each  episode. It’s a tried and true formula that you’ve come to love and appreciate in any moderation. The dedicated viewer will notice the slight increase in animation quality while still maintaining the simplistic cartoon animation you’ve grown fond of.

Season 5 will premier June 20th 2021 with 20 episodes slated to be available to fans

The Casual

In the abundant sea of modern streaming and television , losing oneself is easy without proper direction and captaining. Let me be your captain. If you happen to be a viewer who’s happened upon a few episodes of the show but never fully committed and wondering if now is the time, then my humble opinion is “sure”.  Season five with drop with 20 episodes, which is more than enough to encapsulate the casual viewer or quarantine baby. Continuity is a very minor factor in the fashion of fellow animated series Family Guy. As long as you can retain the main cast and a decent amount of recurring side characters (which easily stand out each introduction) in your memory bank, diving into the new season will prove easy enough

The Newcomer

Oh how I envy you, the newcomer. Those who have yet to cast their gaze upon Adult Swim’s premier jewel.  Over 40 episodes available to binge to your heart’s content, and another 20 episodes arriving June 20th of this year just when you thought you were done. The first four seasons are more than worthy of investment and the consistent rise in animation quality per season will be an enjoyable treat. Pop culture references galore, without being excessive or ham-fisted, just to retain the meta-like curtain ready to drop in to any scene. Inappropriate and raunchy in the best possible way that other adult cartoons don’t have the consent or gall to pursue. So I ask you outsider, what exactly are you waiting for

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