Knock Out City: Game of The Month

Loved Dodgeball in High school? Well here is a new game developed by Velan Studios. The Beta testing for this game went live this weekend and boy was it a HIT! Two top Twitch streamers, Nickmercs and SypherPK, went live with a three hour sponsor stream of Knockout City. The game looks incredibly fun. It brings in a new style of competitive gaming different from Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Apex Legends. With all the hype surrounding it, I had to see for myself what this game is all about. I was immediately interested when one of the first things that pop up is an open space to practice your moves. Dodging, gliding and throwing the ball are all possible in this arena. I soon learned there are different balls with different effects which is a great touch to the game. I feel like after a while the game would probably feel a bit repetitive but adding a little spice like that is great. The next thing that caught my eye was the character customization. Like Fortnite, we all love this part of any game. The ability to create a unique avatar that you can identify with just to make you feel that much more immersed is always welcome. From what I’ve seen, micro transactions are not yet present. 


Another feature added to the game is Cross-Play on ALL platforms! Not all games have adapted to this but I do see it being the future of online gaming. Apex Legends, only just adapted to cross play a couple months ago despite being out for over 2 years. This is a great feature to see in a competitive game like this along with SBM (skilled based matchmaking) which was also added. This helps so that low ranked players aren’t thrown in with the Dodgeball GOATS. SBM is a great way to rank up in these types of games and improve your technique. Getting your skills honed for their League Play Mode is essential. You have to be at least a Rank 5 to enter and the more you rank up the better chance you have to enter tournaments and ultimately KNOCKOUT all the competition with you and your squad.

Knockout City seems to have everything covered to be a successful video game for all ages. From the beta alone I was able to play on two different maps. There was a limited choice of characters but when the game goes live we will have all the extra details such as maps, customization, settings at our fingertips and hopefully a battle pass as well. Based on the Beta alone I’d rate this game a solid 7.5/10. extremely entertaining. If you want something different for you and your squad to DOMINATE in, then come join me May 21st at KNOCKOUT CITY!

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