Invincible Ep 4/5 Review!

Invincible, episodes 4 and 5 have been released which means a new review with a dash of fan theory! With new information revealed and clues brought to light, I’ve begun spinning possible theories of what may lay ahead. The two most recent episodes are a departure from the first three in a few ways. Since the first three felt like they were still trying to bring us into this world, episode 4 takes a back seat on not only action but all the crazy wild characters in the show. Mark’s life is explored a lot more in this episode. Cecil Stedman, who is basically the Nick Fury of this world, tasks Omni-man with a mission to Mars where he’d have to protect four astronauts. Due to the death of the Guardians, however, Omni-man declines any and all further missions because he wants to be with his family. Mark then steps up and volunteers to take on the Mars mission which would also happen to be his very first solo mission. The episode got interesting here because Mark was troubled with a difficult choice of being alone without any help from the New Guardians or his father, and on top of all that his personal life was finally starting to look good as he started dating Amber, voiced by Zazie Beetz. Mark and Ambers relationship seemed very forced at first due to all the characters that were being showcased in previous episodes but I think I finally saw them hit their stride in this one. I still think Mark has a crush on Atom Eve, and  I’m sure they’ll explore that love triangle further down the road. 

Mark’s mission on Mars takes a turn for the worse when he idiotically falls asleep and wakes up to discover that they have been taken by Martians. At first I found this to be a little contrived but Marks very naive and awkward personality makes all of these situations hilarious to watch. Watching him attempt to plead for the freedom of the astronauts and then just flying off with them in a panic was comedy gold and it helped to balance out the episode.

Episode 5 is where everything gets cranked up to 11. Titan, who is basically Colossus from X-men but with stone instead of metal, pleads to Invincible to help him take out a crime boss that he owes money to. Invincible agrees to help him but the crime boss, Machine Head, anticipates the arrival of the duo. He summons a rogues gallery of villains including the terrifying Battle Beast. A fan favorite to readers of the comic, Battle Beast doesn’t disappoint in this episode. He and the other rogues thrash both Titan and Invincible with little effort.  An anonymous tip is sent to Cecil, which is believed to have been sent by Omni-Man who was watching the battle from above. So Cecil sends The NEW Guardians, led by Robot, to come to the rescue and finds it still isn’t enough. Battle Beast leaves a body count of three heroes in extremely critical condition, including Invincible in his wake. Except for Titan, secretly planned this with Machine Head’s second in command. Titan then fills the reign of Machine Head, all for his family. This entire fight was incredible and just left my jaw dropping from excitement and shock. And the biggest shock is Omni-man just watching it all from the skies above. Makes me question what the hell this guys agenda really is. Was he willing to just let his son die to teach him a lesson? And was he willing to let the New Guardians die, not by his hand, but playing a part in their death?

Episode 4 tried to explore a bit into Omni-Man with Damian Darkblood aka Demon Detective. And honestly is growing on me as one of my favorite characters. It’s like Hellboy meets Law and Order SVU. I’m just waiting for Olivia to tackle someone to the ground and be like “We got you, you son of a bitch…. ok Darkblood I got it from here.” But seriously his investigation on the murder of the Guardians is very chilling to say the least. As everyone walks on egg shells around Omni-man, Damian straight accuses him of the murder but doesn’t put him until he can find enough proof. And even with little screen time Omni-man’s interaction with Damian is still all so intimidating. Every time Damian and Omni-man speak with one another you can feel the tension course throughout your entire body. Unfortunately, Cecil also believes Omni-man killed the Guardians but can not be seen working with Damian, due to him being a quack and a Demon, so tired of Damian being in his way and a potential problem, Cecil conjures a spell that sends Damian back to hell. Which I assume is only temporary. Cecil has his own agenda and methods to stop Omni-man.

Now for a few of my theories I have for this show. I tried not to extensively read the comics fully due to any upcoming spoilers and for I can just enjoy the show in its entirety and not go back to its source material. With that being said, I do believe that Robot, voiced by Star Treks Zachary Quinto, will play a MAJOR role in upcoming episodes. All the side work he’s been doing looks extremely villainous, like him taking Rex’s blood sample and what it looks like to be Robot cloning him, is making me believe that what if Robot is creating his very own Superheroes that he would have FULL control over. And in Episode 5 he actually goes to the Mauler Twins for assistance, since they are actually successful at cloning. In all honestly I believe him and Omni-man might very well be in this together. My theories and love for this show grows more each week. These last two episodes were on another level. I’m really loving how each character is handled and how the tone can change up and still have a great flow from beginning to end. So stay tuned in for Amazon Prime’s Original New Series, INVINCIBLE! And please feel free to let me know about what theories you may have and we can discuss them!


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